We’re on a mission to connect every eligible patient with every available resource

Without financial assistance and other patient access services, many patients struggle to afford necessary care. This is particularly true of patients living in poverty and/or those from historically marginalized groups.

We seek to generationally disrupt how the patient access journey is managed by combining our innovative software with our tech-enabled services to provide an equal opportunity for care. Alleviating administrative, financial, and societal barriers through digital connectivity helps to ensure no patient is left behind.

Our patient impact

> $4.6 BILLION in awards

secured with AssistPoint since 2018

The digital integration feature in AssistPoint® cuts the time it takes to complete an enrollment down from 15 minutes to less than 20 seconds.

—Kerri, Financial Counselor

Manually enrolling patients into assistance programs can sometimes cause a delay in the patient’s treatment. The digital integration feature in AssistPoint® makes the enrollment process quick, easy, and very user-friendly.

—Sandy, Patient Advocate

For patient support programs that are digitally integrated with AssistPoint®, I don’t even have to leave AssistPoint to complete an enrollment. The process is so smooth.

—Audrey, Patient Assistance Coordinator

AssistPoint® helps me get the most I can for the patient.

—Mary, Patient Assistance Coordinator

AssistPoint® allows me to keep things from falling through the cracks.

—Trina, Financial Coordinator