Annexus Health: Delivering Health Equity for All

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Health equity is a common goal within the healthcare space, with various stakeholders doing their part to help patients get the high-quality care they deserve. But despite these efforts, the complexity of the United States healthcare system can mean that access to quality health care often depends on a person’s ability to afford it. In this presentation, Annexus Health Co-Founder and CEO Joe Baffone and VP of Strategic Initiatives Nicole Chamber review factors affecting health equity and disparities, the role financial assistance and patient access services can play in facilitating healthcare access, and how Annexus Health is advancing health equity for all.

Recorded 5/19/2023

Annexus Health’s Impact on Patients, Healthcare Provider Organizations, and Life Science Companies

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In this presentation, Brad Frazier, Co-Founder and President, discusses key findings from robust analyses of customer data and highlights the meaningful results Annexus Health’s solutions have delivered. This includes the impact of our provider solutions, AssistPoint® and Adparo®, on the number of patients being assessed for and receiving financial assistance, financial assistance collections, and rates of free drug program enrollment and conversion to another form of financial assistance. Brad also discusses the impact of our life science solution, AP Connect®, on commercial co-pay enrollment rates, number of intended treatments, and rates of free drug program enrollment and conversion to another form of financial assistance.

Recorded 1/19/2023

Transforming Data Into Action With AssistPoint®

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In this 30-minute webcast, Co-Founders Joe Baffone and Brad Frazier discuss how Annexus Health is helping healthcare provider organizations to improve their processes for managing patient access, ensure opportunities for financial assistance aren’t overlooked, and discover ways to optimize revenue capture. The presentation introduces Annexus Health; provides an overview of AssistPoint, our single enterprise workflow platform; and explores a key feature within AssistPoint, AP Analytics®.

Recorded 2/24/2022

Leveraging Digital Innovations to Integrate Access Services Into the Provider Workflow

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It’s simple: medical care is expensive, and without financial assistance and other access services, far too many patients struggle to afford the care they need. But connecting patients with available assistance has been anything but simple, as administrative challenges often stand in the way.

Annexus Health is changing that by delivering innovative solutions, including tech-enabled services, that reduce financial and administrative burdens to improve access, speed, and adherence to critical care.

Watch this presentation featuring Brett Olson, SVP of Commercial Strategy and Client Services, to learn how the Annexus Health solutions and services can help streamline the process for managing patient access, reduce patient responsibility, and increase revenue capture for healthcare provider organizations.

Recorded 11/21/2022

Introduction to AssistPoint® and Adparo®

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Whether or not patients say it, there’s a good chance they’re worried about affording the care they need. Fortunately, there’s also a good chance they qualify for financial assistance and other patient access services—and with AssistPoint, healthcare provider organizations can make the most of these resources for both their patients and their organization. To further reduce the administrative burden across the patient access journey, Adparo offers additional support.

Watch this presentation featuring Laurie Travisano, VP of Provider Solutions, to learn more about how AssistPoint and Adparo can help streamline the process for managing patient access, improve access to care, and improve healthcare provider organizations’ revenue stream.

Recorded 11/22/2022