Leveraging Technology to Optimize Patient Financial Assistance in the Infusion Center

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As the costs of innovative new therapies continue to rise, patients often struggle to afford treatment. 38% of Americans say they or a family member have delayed medical care because of the cost. While many patients in need of infusion therapy qualify for financial assistance, limited human resources and a lack of technology infrastructure within infusion centers mean that assistance opportunities are typically not sought out unless and until a patient voices a need for help, usually after receiving a large bill they can’t afford to pay.

In this presentation, co-hosted by Annexus Health and the National Infusion Center Association (NICA), Annexus Health Co-Founder and CEO Joe Baffone will review:

  • The drivers and patient impact of financial toxicity
  • How technology can ease the burden
  • Annexus Health’s solutions for helping infusion centers make the most of financial assistance for eligible patients

Recorded 11/29/2023

Annexus Health: Delivering Health Equity for All

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Health equity is a common goal within the healthcare space, with various stakeholders doing their part to help patients get the high-quality care they deserve. But despite these efforts, the complexity of the United States healthcare system can mean that access to quality health care often depends on a person’s ability to afford it. In this presentation, Annexus Health Co-Founder and CEO Joe Baffone and VP of Strategic Initiatives Nicole Chambers review factors affecting health equity and disparities, the role financial assistance and patient access services can play in facilitating healthcare access, and how Annexus Health is advancing health equity for all.

Recorded 5/19/2023