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Helping healthcare provider organizations manage patient access

There are many reasons to ensure eligible patients receive all available financial assistance and other access services, from helping them afford the care they need to minimizing the unpaid bills provider organizations are forced to write off.

However, over the past several years, we have heard from countless healthcare provider organizations that there are also many barriers along the patient access journey, including simply not having the resources or infrastructure to manage patient access proactively. Adparo® is here to help.

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Adparo provides the staff to support healthcare provider organizations in tasks related to patient access. We’re here to lend a helping hand—wherever it’s needed.

Our tools

We utilize AssistPoint®, our proprietary digital workflow platform, to identify, enroll patients in, and manage financial assistance and other access services.

Our staff

We provide trained, experienced staff with in-depth knowledge of revenue cycle and access service complexities to expertly perform tasks related to patient access.

Our services

We offer a full suite of services that can be customized to meet the unique needs of each healthcare provider organization to effectively manage the patient access journey.

Adparo can help:

Reduce the administrative burden

Adparo provides all the benefits of AssistPoint while utilizing our expert staff to fill the gaps that may exist at healthcare provider organizations.

Make care accessible and affordable for patients

Our Adparo team proactively works up all patients for patient access services as standard practice and manages each claim from end to end, ensuring eligible patients receive all available assistance and are better able to afford their care.

Increase revenue capture

By working up every patient for financial assistance and other access services, our Adparo team dramatically increases the number of patients who actually receive assistance, greatly reducing the number of medical bills that go unpaid.

Customizing Adparo services to meet each organization’s unique needs

Start with our Core Plan or select from our stand-alone services to build a custom plan:

Adparo service offeringsCore PlanStand-alone services
Assess current workflow
Optimize workflow and develop standard operating procedures (for Adparo or AssistPoint implementation)
Use AssistPoint to manage financial assistance (Search, Enroll, Track, Analyze)
Use AssistPoint to manage utilization of free drug programs
Bill, post payment, and transfer the final balance to the patient
Perform historical financial assistance award entry (for AssistPoint implementation)
Complete annual program re-enrollment

The Adparo difference

Dedicated management point of contact on the Annexus Health Adparo team

Robust analytics geared toward ensuring all patients are evaluated for assistance

Regular meetings to support open communication and workflow enhancements

Business reviews on a monthly or quarterly basis to ensure all parts of the process for managing patient access are working in conjunction with patient workflow and revenue cycle

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