Provider FAQs

Annexus Health

How does Annexus Health maintain data security?

How is Annexus Health advancing health equity?


What is AssistPoint?

Which disease states are included in AssistPoint?

How many assistance options are currently in your system?

Can a foundation that is only available to our practice or in our local area be added to AssistPoint?

How are J codes and HCPCS codes maintained within AssistPoint?

Do you have any step-by-step instructions on how to enroll a patient for financial assistance?

Does AssistPoint help with traditional enrollments?

Can patient profiles contain multiple awards (for example, a patient who is on an oral medication and an intravenous medication)?

Can I track award balances in AssistPoint?

What happens if no foundation funds are available for a patient?

How do I get all of the previous awards I have secured for patients into AssistPoint?

What kind of reporting is available?

Is there a limit on the number of people I can request AssistPoint access for?

Within AssistPoint, will we have access to all of our patients?

What is the overall annual cost of AssistPoint?


What is Adparo?

Does Adparo reach out to patients on behalf of practices to obtain necessary information to complete financial assistance applications?

What happens after a treatment order is submitted for a patient?

How many Adparo employees will be assigned to our organization?

How will our organization be billed by Adparo?

Integration and support

What integrations are needed for AssistPoint and Adparo?

Is integration mandatory?

What are the IT needs for integration and reporting?

What kind of support is offered, both during and after implementation?