Technology that transforms the patient access workflow

Whether or not patients say it, there’s a good chance they’re worried about affording the care they need. Fortunately, there’s also a good chance they qualify for financial assistance and other access services—and with AssistPoint®, healthcare provider organizations can make the most of these resources for their patients and their organization.

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AssistPoint is a software platform that helps healthcare provider organizations proactively identify and manage financial assistance and other access services for eligible patients. Think of it as a one-stop shop for all patient access needs.


At the click of a button, rapidly search our comprehensive library of assistance options.


Quickly apply and enroll eligible patients into individual assistance opportunities.


Actively monitor award fulfillment to ensure utilization and adherence.


Stay on top of all activities related to patient assistance within your organization via a comprehensive suite of reports—available real time.

Streamline the process for managing patient access

AssistPoint seamlessly integrates with practice management systems and can be integrated with electronic health records, pharmacy management systems, and patient support programs offered by life science companies and charitable foundations. This connectivity minimizes cumbersome manual processes and allows healthcare provider organizations to work within an integrated environment to easily and efficiently search for patient assistance opportunities, enroll eligible patients, and manage the fulfillment of services.

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For digitally integrated patient support programs, enrollment is completed through our standardized form that is automatically prepopulated with patient demographic information from the practice management system. AssistPoint also enables tracking of financial award activity and offers a variety of reports to analyze patient assistance data—all within a single platform.

Finding assistance programs for our patients takes 10 seconds with AssistPoint, as opposed to 2 hours with our old, reactive approach.

—Tonia, Billing Office Manager

Feature highlights

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Search Wizard: intelligently engineered to quickly identify assistance for all patients

After automatically pulling patient demographic information, diagnoses, and insurance details from the practice management system, AssistPoint searches more than 8,000 programs to identify all assistance opportunities that may be available for a patient. The results are presented in a simple, yet detailed color-coded format for users to quickly act upon.

Digital Integration: two-way connectivity matters

For our integrated life science and foundation partners, a two-way, secure information exchange (AP Connect®) is created between their patient support programs and AssistPoint, streamlining the application, enrollment, and fulfillment processes. All integrated programs use our standardized digital enrollment form, which is automatically prepopulated with demographic information from the practice management system, eliminating the need for patients to fill out multiple repetitive forms and connecting them to available assistance faster. Furthermore, with digital integration, program communication delays are reduced, award approval notifications are sped up, and healthcare providers can easily provide patients with accurate, up-to-date award balances.

Assistance Watchlist: fund status alerts within 5 minutes

When funds may not be available, patients can be put on the Assistance Watchlist, which will trigger an alert when funds become available. Fund status alerts are sent within 5 minutes of a fund opening up, which saves precious time and enables our users to rapidly secure assistance for their patients.

Case study:

Read about how the AssistPoint Watchlist directly impacted a patient when she thought she was out of options

Payment Automation: assistance award and revenue tracking made easy

Through a standard secure file transfer protocol, Annexus Health is able to populate financial assistance award claims and payment details on a nightly basis. This enables healthcare provider organizations to actively track the utilization of patient assistance awards, as well as revenue, directly within AssistPoint.

AP Analytics®: valuable insights for all key stakeholders

This comprehensive set of 35 on-demand reports easily accessible within AssistPoint empowers healthcare provider organizations—C-suite, management, and users—with the insights they need to improve the process for managing patient access, ensure patients receive all available assistance, and discover opportunities to increase revenue capture.

Additional features included with AssistPoint

Ability to integrate with practice management systems, electronic health records, billing software, and pharmacy management systems
Multipractice management
Opportunity management to identify award enrollment opportunities based on a patient’s current treatment
Patient categorization with Patient Tagging
Patient Journey tab for recording all work for a patient
Enrollment of eligible patients into assistance programs
In-platform e-fax capability
Claims, payments, award balance, and revenue tracking
Free drug program utilization management
Re-enrollment management
Ability to add local assistance funds
Training resources library

When you’re ready to get started, we’re here to help


We seek to understand more about your organization and workflow to identify training priorities.


We provide comprehensive training, as well as a Support hotline, allowing for seamless integration. 


We provide monthly check-ins with your dedicated account manager to deliver updated training and review new feature enhancements.

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For organizations in need of expert support to help manage patient assistance, Adparo® can help! By pairing our Adparo services with the AssistPoint platform, healthcare provider organizations have been able to help more eligible patients get assistance faster and more easily than ever before.