Accelerate access to your critical therapies

Help eligible patients access their prescribed treatments with AP Connect®, a technology-driven solution that digitally integrates patient support programs with AssistPoint®, Annexus Health’s patient access management platform for healthcare provider organizations. 

Common barriers to the utilization of patient support programs include:

  •  Low patient/provider awareness of award balance, potentially leading to treatment nonadherence and prescription abandonment 
  • Time-consuming manual enrollment processes that can result in treatment delays, interruptions, and discontinuation, negatively impacting health outcomes 
  • Lack of interconnectivity between patient support programs and the internal systems used by healthcare organizations, causing redundant data entry and creating opportunities for human error and omissions, which can delay the start of therapy

AP Connect removes those barriers by integrating your patient support program directly within the provider workflow

AP Connect creates a two-way, secure information exchange between patient support programs and AssistPoint, accelerating the application, enrollment, and fulfillment processes. All integrated programs use a standardized digital enrollment form within AssistPoint, which is automatically prepopulated with demographic information from the practice management system, eliminating the need for patients to fill out multiple repetitive forms. E-signature capability is included within the digital enrollment process when a patient and/or healthcare provider signature is required. Furthermore, with digital integration, program communication delays are reduced, award approval notifications are sped up, and healthcare providers can easily provide patients with accurate, up-to-date award balances.

Connectivity that makes a difference

Illustration of how AP Connect works

Driving patient access and affordability

Simplifying and accelerating access to your patient support program services can have a profound impact on overall outcomes, including:

  • Reduced time to start on therapy
  • Improved prescription adherence
  • Reduced financial hardship for patients

See AP Connect in action

“For patient support programs that are digitally integrated with AssistPoint, I don’t even have to leave AssistPoint to complete an enrollment. The process is so smooth.”

—Audrey, Patient Assistance Coordinator