A technology-driven solution that digitally integrates patient support programs within the provider workflow

Financial assistance and other access services can make the difference between patients getting the therapy intended for them and not getting it.

But as essential as these resources are, they are often underutilized. Administrative challenges—like cumbersome manual enrollment processes and difficulty obtaining information—can keep healthcare provider organizations from enrolling their eligible patients in the patient support programs offered by life science companies and charitable foundations. That’s where AP Connect® comes in.

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AP Connect is a technology-driven solution that digitally integrates life science and charitable foundation patient support programs with AssistPoint®—our patient access management platform for healthcare provider organizations. It brings these programs directly into the provider workflow in connection with the practice management system to streamline and speed up the enrollment process, removing the burden from patients so they can focus on their care.

Connectivity that makes a difference

AP Connect creates a two-way, secure information exchange between patient support programs and AssistPoint, streamlining the application, enrollment, and fulfillment processes. All integrated programs use our standardized digital enrollment form, which is automatically prepopulated with demographic information from the practice management system, eliminating the need for patients to fill out multiple repetitive forms and connecting them to available assistance sooner. Furthermore, with digital integration, program communication delays are reduced, award approval notifications are sped up, and healthcare providers can easily provide patients with accurate, up-to-date award balances.

Illustration of how AP Connect works

Remove barriers to access

Streamlining the enrollment process with AP Connect helps optimize utilization of patient support programs.

Improve patient outcomes

Making it easier for eligible patients to be enrolled in patient support programs helps improve access to therapy, time to start on therapy, and duration of therapy, while reducing financial toxicity.

See AP Connect in action

For patient support programs that are digitally integrated with AssistPoint, I don’t even have to leave AssistPoint to complete an enrollment. The process is so smooth.

—Audrey, Patient Assistance Coordinator

Want to do even more to improve patient access?

Ask an Annexus Health representative about AP Exchange, an EDI service available as an add-on feature within AP Connect that streamlines co-pay claims facilitation and fulfillment, speeding up the payment flow process and improving patient access to care.