Diverse experience; a shared passion

With a broad knowledge base in health care, technology, and financial counseling, the Annexus Health team is uniquely positioned to identify and tackle challenges across the patient access journey to make a difference in the lives of patients and their families. Our collective strengths include robust commercial life science experience, unparalleled relationships and partnership networks with providers and life sciences, workflow and operational excellence, proven experience in commercializing innovations, and technology expertise at the executive and team levels.

Our leadership team

Joe Baffone

Co-Founder and CEO

Nicole Chambers

VP, Strategic Initiatives

Brad Frazier

Co-Founder and President

Colin Kemble

VP, Client Success

Tim Koenig

VP, Marketing

John Lemkey

Chief Financial Officer

Joe Lopez

Head of Product

David Meier

Chief Technology Officer

Sarah Provan

VP, Operations

Safiya Tisdell

VP, Adparo Services

Laurie Travisano

VP, Provider Solutions