Leveraging Technology to Optimize Patient Financial Assistance in the Infusion Center

As the costs of innovative new therapies continue to rise, patients often struggle to afford treatment. 38% of Americans say they or a family member have delayed medical care because of the cost. While many patients in need of infusion therapy qualify for financial assistance, limited human resources and a lack of technology infrastructure within infusion centers mean that assistance opportunities are typically not sought out unless and until a patient voices a need for help, usually after receiving a large bill they can’t afford to pay.

In this presentation, co-hosted by Annexus Health and the National Infusion Center Association (NICA), Annexus Health Co-Founder and CEO Joe Baffone will review:

  • The drivers and patient impact of financial toxicity
  • How technology can ease the burden
  • Annexus Health’s solutions for helping infusion centers make the most of financial assistance for eligible patients

Recorded 11/29/2023