Annexus Health Surpasses $5 Billion in Patient Financial Assistance Awards

The AssistPoint® platform has been used to secure over $5 billion in patient financial assistance awards since 2018, helping patients across the country afford critical care without having to endure devastating financial hardship. Over $1 billion in patient financial assistance was secured through AssistPoint in the past 6 months alone.

Licensed by over 140 healthcare organizations, AssistPoint is used across over 4,000 sites of care within community, institution, hospital, infusion center, and specialty pharmacy settings to proactively identify available resources, streamline enrollment, and facilitate the management of assistance. Through Annexus Health’s partnerships with life science companies, an ever-growing number of patient support programs are integrated with AssistPoint via AP Connect®, optimizing utilization of these programs by enabling easy and efficient digital enrollment.

A significant driver in propelling Annexus Health to exceed the $5 billion patient assistance milestone is Adparo®, the company’s tech-enabled service that assists healthcare organizations in managing patient assistance. The Adparo team proactively assesses every single patient for assistance opportunities, ensuring that each patient receives all available assistance.