A Revenue Cycle Manager Discusses Challenges to Enrolling Eligible Patients in Life Science Patient Support Programs

Life science companies spend over $5 billion on patient support programs each yearso why is it that only 3% of patients are actually using these funds?1

It certainly isn’t due to a lack of need.

“I’d estimate that 50% to 75% of our patients struggle to afford treatment,” says Beth Huneycutt, a Revenue Cycle Manager at Verdi Oncology.

In a recent article, Beth shares her insights on the unintended burdens that can keep eligible patients from being enrolled into patient support programs, such as patient signature requirements and complex, time-consuming enrollment processes.

The article further details how Annexus Health can help life science companies optimize delivery of their patient support programs with AP Connect®.

AP Connect is a technology-driven solution that digitally integrates patient support programs with AssistPoint®, the platform used by Verdi Oncology to identify and manage financial assistance and other access services for eligible patients. AP Connect brings these programs directly into the provider workflow in connection with the practice management system to streamline and speed up the enrollment process, removing the burden from patients so they can focus on their care.

“AssistPoint is an amazing tool!” says Beth. “Our entire team uses it for everything, and I mean everything. We’re in it all day. That’s why I really think every manufacturer out there should digitally integrate with AssistPoint [via AP Connect].”

Learn more about how AP Connect can expedite the path to treatment and help patients avoid gaps in care here.

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