Patient Affordability and Access to Specialty and Biologic Medications Just Got Easier

Annexus Health enters into strategic partnership with WeInfuse to streamline patient financial assistance process for infusion centers

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa., Nov. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Annexus Health, Inc., the leading healthcare technology company that is revolutionizing the patient access journey through its innovative solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with WeInfuse, the premier technology and consulting provider for infusion therapy and medication delivery in the United States.

Annexus Health’s AssistPoint® platform will be integrated with the WeInfuse platform, and its Adparo® financial assistance and patient access service will be available to infusion centers using WeInfuse as well.

AssistPoint is a comprehensive patient financial assistance management solution for infusion centers, community practices, multispecialty providers, hospitals, institutions, and specialty pharmacies. AssistPoint users can rapidly search a library of over 8,000 assistance options covering many of the disease states treated in the infusion center setting, including oncology, rheumatology, immunology, and gastroenterology, among others. The platform empowers infusion center staff to quickly apply and enroll eligible patients into individual assistance opportunities, actively monitor award fulfillment to ensure utilization and adherence, and stay on top of all activities related to patient assistance within their organization via a comprehensive suite of reports.

The integration between the two platforms will allow infusion center staff to navigate seamlessly between AssistPoint for financial assistance management and WeInfuse for patient scheduling, order and inventory management, clinical documentation, and more. This interconnected user experience will streamline, simplify, and speed up the administrative workflow while helping to ensure that every patient treated in the infusion center is worked up for financial assistance so they can start on their intended therapy without delay and stay on it for as long as clinically appropriate.

Through this strategic partnership, infusion centers using WeInfuse will have elective access not only to AssistPoint, but also to Adparo, which provides trained, experienced staff with in-depth knowledge of revenue cycle and access service complexities to support infusion centers and other healthcare provider organizations in tasks related to patient access. The Adparo team utilizes AssistPoint to identify, enroll patients in, and manage financial assistance and other access services. With a full suite of services that can be customized to meet an organization’s unique needs, Adparo helps reduce the administrative burden and increase revenue capture for infusion centers while improving patient access to care.

“Proactively managing patient financial assistance is imperative to infusion centers, and our suite of products and services empowers them to do that,” said Annexus Health Co-Founder and President Brad Frazier. “We’re excited to work with WeInfuse to create a more enterprise-based approach in infusion centers that reduces the burden of financial and administrative toxicities so they can focus on delivering quality care to patients.”

“Infusion centers across the country rely on our WeInfuse software to optimize efficiency across every aspect of the infusion and injection workflow,” said Bryan Johnson, WeInfuse’s Co-Founder and CEO. “By partnering with Annexus Health, we can now offer our clients powerful, customizable solutions to streamline and automate the patient financial assistance process to make infusion therapy more accessible and affordable.”

About Annexus Health

Annexus Health is the leading healthcare technology company that is revolutionizing the patient access journey by delivering innovative solutions, including tech-enabled services, that reduce financial and administrative burdens to improve access, speed, and adherence to critical care.

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WeInfuse is the premier technology and consulting provider for infusion therapy and medication delivery in the U.S., powering over 800 infusion centers across the country. Backed by decades of experience, WeInfuse consulting services guide clients through the dynamic infusion landscape.

WeInfuse has expanded its software platform to include a complete home infusion and specialty pharmacy workflow. WeInfuse software helps organizations operate efficiently, maximize profitability, decrease burnout, and improve clinical outcomes. Its powerful, intuitive features for infusion workflows and a robust reporting and analytics engine help take the confusion out of infusion. To learn more, visit