Annexus Health Launches Financial Assistance Cycle Management Outsourcing Services Amid Ongoing Expansion

SEWICKLEY, Pa., Feb. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Annexus Health continues to solve for the administrative and financial challenges facing provider organizations with the launch of Adparo® – a suite of financial assistance cycle management (FACM) outsourcing services to meet a range of provider needs.

“During my tenure on the revenue cycle management team at a large cancer center, I saw firsthand how complex and time-consuming FACM can be“ said Safiya Tisdell, Director of Adparo® at Annexus. “Many provider organizations simply do not have the full-time staff needed to effectively perform all aspects of FACM.

“That’s where Adparo® comes in. We partner with provider organizations to develop custom workflows to help ensure patients are enrolled in and receive all available financial assistance while helping increase revenue capture. This frees up their staff to focus on patient care.”

The Adparo® team of FACM experts can conduct eligibility verification and benefit investigation, use AssistPoint® (the single enterprise workflow platform from Annexus) to secure and manage financial assistance, provide financial cost estimates, and more. A complete list of service offerings is available at

The Adparo® launch is among many exciting recent developments for Annexus. Others include:

People expansion
Annexus currently employs 47 full-time associates – up from 15 just 4 months ago. That number continues to grow as the organization scales up to meet market demands.

$10 million in Series A funding
Annexus closed the funding round in the final quarter of 2020.

Strategic collaborations
Most recently, Annexus teamed up with OneOncology to offer AssistPoint® to specialty physician practices.

A new tech hub
Annexus is opening its first touchdown office in Sewickley, PA.

“Our local team will enjoy the flexibility of working remote and the ability to regularly convene in the positive vibe of our new space,” said Annexus Co-Founder and CEO Joe Baffone. “It also provides a great environment for members of our remote team to huddle as needed.”

AssistPoint® enhancements
The Annexus tech team continues to expand the AssistPoint® platform, enriching capabilities, performance, and reporting for customers and partners.

About Annexus Health
Annexus Health is a privately-held, healthcare technology company, focused on developing solutions that reduce administrative burdens across the patient journey to improve access, speed, and adherence to critical care.