A Revenue Cycle Manager Discusses the Transformative Power of AssistPoint®

Verdi Oncology utilizes AssistPoint to proactively manage patient financial assistance

Annexus Health’s revolutionary software platform, AssistPoint, is transforming the way healthcare provider organizations identify and manage financial assistance and other access services for patients. In a recent article, Beth Huneycutt, a Revenue Cycle Manager overseeing Financial Counseling, Prior Authorization, and Physician In-Office Dispensing (IOD) teams at Verdi Oncology, shares the impact AssistPoint has had on her job, her organization, and her patients.

“It’s an amazing tool!” says Beth. “Our entire team uses AssistPoint for everything, and I mean everything. We’re in it all day.”

With AssistPoint, financial counselors can rapidly search a comprehensive library of assistance options, enroll eligible patients, and monitor award fulfillment within a single, user-friendly platform. Digital integration with practice management systems, as well as with patient support programs from Annexus Health’s growing list of life science and foundation partners, further streamlines the process and enhances efficiency. Moreover, a powerful suite of real-time reports within AssistPoint keeps counselors and managers well informed of all financial assistance activity within their organization, allowing them to provide patients with personalized and timely support.

Reflecting on the cumbersome and time-consuming manual processes she was used to before AssistPoint, Beth recalls that it was impossible to work up every single patient, and some eligible patients inevitably missed out on available assistance as a result. Now, with AssistPoint, Beth and her team are empowered to take a proactive approach to ensure every patient receives all opportunities for assistance.

“AssistPoint will help you help a lot more patients,” says Beth. “And that’s your ultimate goal as a financial counselor: to help as many patients as you possibly can.”

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