OneOncology and Annexus Health to Offer AssistPoint® and Adparo® to OneOncology Partner Practices

WILMINGTON, Del., Nov. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — OneOncology, the national partnership of independent community oncology practices, and Annexus Health today announced a strategic collaboration in which AssistPoint® and Adparo® will be made available to all practices on the OneOncology platform to enhance their patient financial assistance cycle management (FACM) process. AssistPoint® is a single enterprise workflow platform that helps provider organizations navigate and manage the administrative patient journey from end to end. Adparo® is an FACM outsourcing service.

“With easy navigation, we’re able to streamline and create more efficient processes that help patients understand, enroll in, and utilize available financial assistance programs,” said OneOncology CEO Jeff Patton, MD. “We’re excited to bring AssistPoint® and Adparo® to our partner practices—all of which are committed to helping patients overcome financial barriers.” 

The AssistPoint® platform streamlines the FACM process, allowing users to:

  • Search a comprehensive library of assistance programs
  • Enroll patients into appropriate assistance program(s)
  • Track activity against the financial award
  • Analyze financial assistance data

AssistPoint® helps connect more, eligible patients with the assistance they need, reducing financial toxicity and, ultimately, improving the practice revenue stream.

Adparo® provides trained, experienced staff to utilize AssistPoint® to expertly perform FACM on behalf of provider organizations and their patients. In addition, a full suite of financial assistance and access services are available à la carte to meet the unique needs of each organization.

“Annexus Health has been collaborating with New York Cancer and Blood Specialists and Tennessee Oncology for some time. This expanded relationship across the OneOncology network fosters strategic growth and deep utilization of Annexus offerings to positively impact the health and viability of provider organizations and the patients they serve,” said Joe Baffone, Annexus Health Co-Founder and CEO.

About Annexus Health
Annexus Health is a privately-held, healthcare technology company, focused on developing solutions that reduce administrative burdens across the patient journey to improve access, speed, and adherence to critical care.

About OneOncology
OneOncology is a national partnership of independent, community oncology practices working together to improve the lives of everyone living with cancer through a physician-led, data-driven, technology-powered, and patient-centric model. OneOncology is comprised of community oncology practices representing over 450 providers practicing at nearly 175 sites of care across the United States. Learn more at