Annexus Health Celebrates Milestones, Innovation, and Transformational Growth in 2023

In a victory for affordable health care, Annexus Health recently surpassed $4.2 billion in patient financial assistance awards secured

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa., Jan. 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ – Annexus Health, Inc., the leading healthcare technology company that is revolutionizing the patient access journey through its innovative solutions, is proud to announce several significant achievements, strategic partnerships, and notable advancements in 2023:

Healthcare Organization Network and Patient Impact
Annexus Health’s impact on patient outcomes extends to more than 100 healthcare organizations, spanning over 3,000 sites of care nationwide. Within community practices, institutions, hospitals, infusion centers, and specialty pharmacies, the company’s AssistPoint® software platform helps healthcare organizations proactively manage financial assistance and access services for eligible patients. AssistPoint has been instrumental in helping to secure over $4.2 billion in patient financial assistance awards since 2018, making critical care affordable to many patients across the country.

Adparo®, Annexus Health’s services division, continues to excel in providing expert patient assistance management services for healthcare organizations that lack the human resources or infrastructure to proactively manage patient assistance, or those simply looking to improve efficiency and free up their administrative staff for other important work. Adparo played a pivotal role in securing financial assistance for patients at more than 900 sites of care in 2023.

Integration Success With Life Science Patient Support Programs
At the end of 2023, Annexus Health was partnered with 18 life science companies that have made the patient-centric decision to deliver their valuable patient support programs directly within the provider workflow, and several additional partnerships are on the horizon. These integrations through AP Connect® streamline the financial assistance enrollment and fulfillment process, ensuring eligible patients don’t miss out on the assistance they qualify for—or the care they need.

Strategic Partnerships
Further expanding its reach and influence in the healthcare ecosystem in 2023, Annexus Health secured strategic partnerships with several key industry players, including:

  • WeInfuse
    AssistPoint has integrated with the WeInfuse software platform, allowing infusion provider teams to navigate seamlessly between AssistPoint for financial assistance management and WeInfuse for intake, scheduling, clinical documentation, inventory management, and more. The partnership aims to improve efficiency and reduce the administrative burdens for the more than 800 infusion centers around the country using WeInfuse.
  • National Infusion Center Association (NICA)
    Annexus Health partnered with NICA to help infusion providers improve affordability for patients. Representing more than 12,000 infusion sites across the country, NICA shares Annexus Health’s focus on breaking down the barriers that keep patients from accessing their intended treatment.
  • Omega Healthcare
    Annexus Health partnered with leading healthcare management solutions provider Omega Healthcare to enhance operational efficiency for Adparo, ensuring that Adparo continues to meet the dynamic challenges facing patients and healthcare organizations.

Corporate and Culture Highlights
Annexus Health affirmed its commitment to promoting equitable access to health care with the launch of its Health Equity Initiative in 2023. Additionally, the company was honored as the top funding round winner at the 2023 Inno Awards and secured the #1 position in the Energage Top Workplace Mid-size category.

Annexus Health strengthened its leadership team with several key additions in 2023, including: Joe Lopez, Head of Product; Chris Skiffington, Chief Commercial Officer; Sarah Provan, VP Operations; and Nicole Chambers, VP Strategic Initiatives. These hires have already contributed immensely with their wealth of experience to Annexus Health, positioning the company for continued success and growth.

Looking Ahead
“We did more than just hit milestones in 2023—we also touched lives,” said Joe Baffone, Annexus Health’s Co-Founder and CEO. “Surpassing $4.2 billion in patient assistance means real people getting vital care without experiencing devastating financial hardship. After a truly transformational year for Annexus Health on all fronts, we are in a stronger position than ever to champion patient affordability and equitable access to care. In the year ahead and beyond, we’ll continue to innovate to make the patient journey more affordable, more efficient, and more compassionate.”

About Annexus Health
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